Our Story

Minerva's history and story

  1. George immigrates from Greece

  2. Minerva is born with brother Zach. Focus is new home construction.

  3. George becomes sole owner after Zach returns to Greece.

  4. Greg enters business

  5. Greg leaves company to pursue Master’s Degree. Dino enters business.

  6. Greg returns from living in Vancouver.

  7. George retires.

  8. Minerva builds new shop and office.

  9. Minerva completes multiple projects at the Outlet Collection.

  10. Andrew joins team.


Our Story

In 1969 a young entrepreneur immigrated to Canada in an effort to be closer with his brother. George Kalaitzakis' passion for the painting trade was second only to the love of his family. When his mother passed away he decided that it was time for a change. He packed his belongings, made a promise to the woman he loved and off he went. Within 2 years of living in Canada, Minerva Painting was born. As promised, his wife Irene came and the future of Minerva was secured in George's mind.

Early on Minerva succeeded. Beginning during the seventies wave of new home construction. Looking back it is easy to see how. Throughout the years, relationships were cultivated and maintained . This tradition carries on to this day. Family values of a strong work ethic and respect silently became Minerva's mission statement.

The word spread around Winnipeg and gradually we grew in size and scope of work. Apartment blocks, banks, and retail stores became a regular part of our life.

The sons, Dino and Greg were introduced to the business at an early age. The odours of a hard days work were familiar to them. Many days and weekends were spent putting nail holes and sanding everything in sight it seemed. The boys thought surely this was George's efforts to keep them in school and pursue a higher education. Of course both did just that, only to be lured back to the connectedness that Minerva brought.

It's been over 40 years now. Fads have come and gone. Our lives have been through the necessary challenges and through it all Minerva stands strong. Dino and Greg continue the tradition set in motion by George. We look towards our future with tremendous pride and excitement. Thanks for being a part of the story.

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